Offering a full selection of the newest window film technology. Nano-carbon based films are guaranteed not to fade out in the sun and have increased lifetimes over their dyed counterparts. Ceramic based films offer improved Ultra-Violet and Infrared blocking to allow for enhanced heat rejection while maintaining high visibility with lighter films.

Encompassing the largest selection of window films on the Olympic Peninsula to find the right fit for your business to save you money on energy costs and to keep your client base more comfortable in your business. Quality Tinting and Customs is also the only licensed insured and bonded contractor in Clallam County installing window film. Make sure to protect yourself and your business while following the law and only used licensed contractors.

Much like our commercial line we offer a large selection of films to suit your home and address your concerns. From glare to fading to heat and privacy window films can solve the issues you face with your windows. Window film is an additional insulation to your windows so as well as it keeps heat out in the summer it keeps it inside your home in the winter. Call us today for your free personal in-home estimate.

Security films are a thicker than average laminate that are used to keep glass together in various situations. When used properly these films can slow down entry into your home when an attempt is made to break a window. We have installed these films for safety in the event of glass shattering in an earthquake or storm. Whether you have a personal residence, are a business or a government building we have the experience to install security film for you.